Sunday, December 14, 2008

Date Night

Last night Kevin and I went out on a date. A real live, honest to goodness date - we got all fancy schmancy and everything! One of the teachers at Kevin's school offered the staff free tickets to a fabulous Christmas concert, so we decided to turn the night into a special occasion.

First we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Derby (one of my all-time favorite restaurants!) I have such wonderful memories of the Derby. We would have dinner there from time to time when I was growing up and it's always held a special place in my heart. Lots of memories there. The food was just as delicious as I remembered, albeit a LOT more expensive!!

Then, we enjoyed a CalPhil Christmas at the Civic Center. It was wonderful!! We love the CalPhil. We've attended many of their concerts during the summer at the Arboretum. The music is always fantastic and the Maestro - well, always entertaining to say the least. Sometimes the entertainment comes in the form of his driving Kevin crazy with all of his long-winded stories, but Victor Vener is definitely a master at what he does. And the Phil? Well, they are just always incredible. What a talented group of musicians.

Thanks, Kevin, for taking me on a date. And thanks for getting us home before I turned into a pumpkin!


Amie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog--you had a good one! kicked a gangster!

Nice date night too. =)

Jackie said...

Randa, thanks for sharing your date with us. Sounds as if you had a fabulous time.

God bless.