Monday, January 26, 2009

Answer: Dogs and Fertilizer

Question: What are two things you should never mix?

Go ahead. Ask me how I know.

Last weekend Kevin and I went to mom and dad's to help put a storage cupboard together. Or rather, I should say, Kevin put the cupboard together - with dad supervising, of course. Mom and I hung out in the house and chatted and fixed lunch for all of us. A few minutes after we'd been there, Slippers came running inside, 'fresh' from her exploration of the front yard. Pretty soon we all started noticing that there was a certain scent -- okay, stink! -- in the air. Sure enough, it was Slippers. Apparently she'd rolled in the grass that had been recently fertilized and inherited the stink. And boy, did she! She stunk to high heaven.

At first, we thought we could ignore it. Soon, however, it was evident that the ripeness could NOT be avoided and I herded Slippers outside and gave her a bath. Whew! What a relief for us all!

Flash forward to today. Kevin was going to a meeting this evening, so after work I decided to drop off some homemade enchiladas at mom and dad's house. Having been stuck at home all day, I thought I'd give Slippers a treat and take her with me for an outing. Everything was fine until just before I put her back in the car to leave. I noticed that she was rolling in the grass and, you guessed it, she STUNK ... again!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LAWD! I had to drive home with that stinker. YUCK!!

We walked in the door and I immediately changed clothes and began 'the proceedings'. You know what I discovered? It's a whole lot easier to give a dog a bath OUTside with a garden house, than it is to give them one INside in the bathtub. The first hurdle is getting them in the tub. No easy feat, mind you, with a 90 pound dog that has a mind of her own ... and that mind tells her she is NOT getting in that tub! We went a few rounds before I finally won and got her in the tub. Then, of course, comes the challenge of getting her coat wet enough to add the shampoo and lather. It was definitely much easier outside as the faucet in the tub is much shorter than she. No matter, we muddled through -- and she even began to relax and enjoy the warmth of the water and getting a bit of a massage as I worked the suds first in, then out, of her coat.

Things were definitely going well. ... until she began to shake. Niiiiiice. Now I ask you, who *doesn't* love a spray of water all over the walls and mirrors in their bathroom? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Everything's fine now. She's warm, dry, clean - BRUSHED (her favorite part!) - and calm, and laying on her blanket on the couch. Sheeesh. What an ordeal! Next time, she stays home!

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