Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lemon Bars, Rice Krispies Treats and the Superbowl

Tomorrow, it's our turn in the office to bring treats for the staff. We sign up twice during the school year to bring treats; typically, one time it's just for break-time snacks such as bagels, fruit and yogurt. The other time, we typically do a lunch of some sort. Well since it's almost Superbowl Sunday, we decided to use that as our theme for lunch. We're serving grilled hotdogs, pasta and potato salads, chips and dips, and desserts. I signed up to make the desserts.

I mentioned it to Kevin the other day and asked if he'd like to bring desserts for his staff on Friday, too, and he thought that was great idea! So tonight after dinner, we got busy and whipped up two sheet pans full of Rice Krispies treats, and another sheet pan of lemon bars. We had a fun time working side by side in the kitchen. We're a great team! In fact, we have matching "Weir Cooking" aprons - though we forgot to wear them tonight. Wow, who knew that would make so many treats! Our kitchen is literally over flowing with goodies! I think both of our staffs will be verrrry happy with us tomorrow!

And, come on ... who doesn't love Rice Krispies treats and lemon bars?
Mmmmm ... the fresh, tart scent of the lemons made my mouth water as we were squeezing the lemons for juice and grating the rind! Lemon bars are especially nice with a cup of hot tea. First you take a bite of the bar and let it sort of melt in your mouth, then take a sip of tea and wash it down.

Now I've done it ... I think I need to go sample a lemon bar!!

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