Sunday, January 11, 2009

Everything old is new again...

Early in December, I mentioned to Kevin (okay, I more than mentioned...I selected - online -, then added to the cart, then mentioned) how much I'd like a new set of plain white dishes for my birthday or Christmas.

Curiously enough...I got a new set of white dishes for my birthday! I then asked mom (hi mom!) if she'd like our old set of white dishes, which were perfectly fine - in great condition actually. It's just that it was a set of eight and I really wanted a set of 12 for larger gatherings (see Christmas eve post...). She said she'd like the dishes, and we brought them over about a month ago.

Last week she began cleaning their home, room by room. When she got to the dining room, she wanted to put her 'new' white dishes in their china buffet. Which meant, of course, that she'd have to get rid of the items that were currently occupying that space. Which prompted a phone call to me: "I'd like to put my white dishes away in the buffet - would you still like grandma's old china?" Me: "Of course!"

It did take me a few days to break the news to Kevin that we were inheriting another set of dishes. But, trooper that he is, he just smiled and said "That's fine." Awwww, don't you just love him?!

So yesterday, we went to mom and dad's house and packed up our 'new' 'old' set of dishes; once those were packed and in our car, we then put away mom and dad's 'old' 'new' set of dishes.

I think what they say is true: there is never anything new - we all just keep trading 'stuff'!!

I love my 'new' dishes! When we got them home, I washed all of the pieces, took everything out of our china cabinet (which, coincidentally, also belonged to my grandmother -- thanks, Deb, for 'giving' me that cabinet! ...and no, Patrick, mom doesn't get it back now that you're moving!), and began arranging the pieces, one by one. I absolutely love the way it looks! See for yourself:
Aren't they just beautiful? The manufacturer is J & G Meakin; the pattern is Nordic Blue Onion. It's actually ironstone made in England. I just love it! Thanks, mom and dad, for bequeathing this treasure to me. I think it's in it's rightful spot - grandma's china in grandma's china cabinet ... what could be more natural?

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Jackie said...

Wow, that china is absolutely beautiful. It looks wonderful in the china cabinet.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

God bless.