Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that it's 2009! Where did 2008 go? I suppose we think this every year, but the last year really did go by fast. And NO, it's not because I'm getting older! Because just remember ... if I'm getting older, it means you're getting older, too! Yeah - kinda puts a new perspective on things, doesn't it?!

So ... what will this wonderful new year bring? Who knows? I do, know, however, that I've got many goals I'm thinking about and would like to achieve. To follow, just a few of the things I have in mind:

~ Since mid-September, Kevin and I have been enjoying our Wii Fit and losing some weight. In addition to the activity of the Wii, we've been cutting down on fats and eating more fruits and vegetables, which has also contributed to our weight loss. Flush with success, we will both continue to work out on the Wii no less than 4 times per week (more when possible), and continue to improve our eating habits. Goal: 1) being more physically fit and, 2) weight loss

~ Kevin and I will seriously begin our house search in March. We will go in and get our pre-approval and begin the search. The plan is to keep socking away as much money as possible. Then, by late March, we will have added to our available stash of cash, (hopefully) interest rates will have gone down (we've heard rumors of a new legislation looming that will help us tremendously: 4.5% interest for all first-time home buyers!), new deductions and such will have been stabilized on our paychecks - at least enough for the bank to see what our 'regular' income is (deductions such as new tax rates, new insurance rates, etc.), and Kevin will have been at his job a bit longer. Though the plan is to begin all of the paper work and searching at the end of March, our goal is to have found something by May, clear escrow in June and begin moving in July - when we're both off work! Goal: 1) saving money and, 2) purchasing a home of our own

~ Having been inspired by fellow bloggers, I am on a serious mission to cut our grocery bill and put that extra cash in our house fund. To this end, I will be actively seeking out as many coupons as we can use for the items we buy, looking high and low for the best deals on those products, religiously using up leftovers, and committing to eating out only twice per month (this one is fairly easy since we really don't eat out all that often). Goal: 1) cutting the grocery budget, 2) saving money and, 3) using up leftovers (aka - stop wasting so much food!)

Those are the 'serious' goals. Here are the 'fun' goals:

~ Enjoy the Huntington Library more often
~ Attend as many Dodger games as we can
~ Hollywood Bowl summer concerts
~ CalPhil Concerts on the Green at the Arboretum
~ Watching Kevin's band 'gig'
~ Day trips/weekends away in: San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs
~ Disneyland!
~ Griffith Observatory
~ A concert or two at the Greek
~ Farmer's markets
~ Walks on the beach
~ Picnics
~ Hikes in the local mountains
~ Recipe experimentation: trying at least one recipe from each magazine I receive (just so you know, that should result in no less than 7 new recipes per month!)
~ Summer vacation (destination will depend on if we're moving at that time or not...)
~ Spending as much time as possible with family and friends
~ Thrifting, antiquing, bargain hunting
~ Movies & books - catching up on all of those "I've been wanting to see/read that!"
~ Crafting
~ Taking a class or two ... just for fun!
~ Being open to possibilities and opportunities that come my way ...

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2009 is filled with love, happiness and joy!!

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Jackie said...

Nice list Randa. Hope that you have a wonderful New Year.

God bless.