Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baseball Spoken Here

At the last minute yesterday, Kevin was offered 4 tickets and a parking pass for the final game of the 2009 World Baseball Classic. The game was at Dodger Stadium. He called and asked if I'd like to go. Sure!

I must admit, I would have been more engaged in the game if I'd been familiar with more of the players (the final was Korea vs. Japan), but we still had a good time. Talk about fans! Holy cow, Korea and Japan certainly take their baseball very seriously. The fans began cheering the moment the entered the stadium and didn't quit until it was over. It was fun to watch the crowd.

Thanks, Kevin, for inviting me to be your date! Thanks, too, to Veronica and her husband who gave us the tickets.


DW said...

Watched that game on TV -- it was certainly exciting at the end, wasn't it?

Randa said...

It sure was!