Monday, March 02, 2009

Early Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I was in the mood to do a bit of spring cleaning. I know it's early, but I figured that I may as well get a head start while I was in the mood.

Mostly I concentrated on the garden room. It really wasn't in bad shape at all, just needed a bit of sprucing. A good dusting here, a little rearranging there, and a sort through all of the books. So many books! Honestly the books that are there are pared down from what they were; Kevin and I purged quite a few while we were on winter break. How do I amass SO many books? I've decided just to keep those books that I truly love, use and refer to often. The rest are heading in various directions: some to Deb for her classroom, a good chunk to our school library, and the rest to the Goodwill. I'm sure they'll all find wonderful homes and will be well loved and often read.

Here are a few photos of my favorite bookshelf and some of yesterday's accomplishments. I just love each one of the little shelves - one has gardening books, while another holds decorating books, and yet another stores books on the history of California and Los Angeles. Another shelf ... well, as you can see, it's for the birds!

Another one of my favorite things in the garden room is a beautiful water color. The subject is the gazebo at the Apple Farm where Kevin and I honeymooned. I had a photograph of it that I just loved and a friend of mine used the photo as a model and painted this for us. Isn't it beautiful?!

Next stop on the spring cleaning tour: the clothes closets!

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Jackie said...

For some reason I just can not get into the spring cleaning mood. I think it has something to do with the 6 feet of snow I have sitting in my front yard. Congrats on the cleaning.

God bless.