Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is what we'll be doing for the next couple of weekends - painting ... and lots of it!!

We think (fingers crossed, please!) that we will get the new house this Saturday. That means we have this weekend to paint and Kevin can work on it a bit more on Monday. I go back to work on Monday (please tell me: where did the month of July go?!) and Kevin leaves on Wednesday for Pittsburgh. I'll still have Fridays off, though, so I'll be painting like a mad woman - along with my mom-in-law (hi Vicky!) and (hopefully!) a few friends (ohhhh Bev and Ken...where are you?!) - until Kevin returns. Then he starts back to work on August 17th and we're planning on having the movers move the furniture in on Saturday the 22nd. WHEW! It's going to be a phenomenally busy couple of weeks!

We checked our paint supplies the other day and went to Home Depot to replenish what we needed; now all we have to do is buy the paint. (That's tomorrow's task.) We would have bought the paint when we were there the other day, but we wanted to go home and double check the paint swatches and make a final decision on what to buy. I'm glad we took that step; we were able to eliminate two colors by deciding they were similar enough to two other paint choices that we were already using, thereby eliminating the purchase of two more gallons of paint. Wow, look at that - we've saved money already! ;o)

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