Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What You Can Do When You Don't Know What to Do...

It's odd; I feel as if my hands are tied. Normally during this month off, I would be working on gift crafts and doing little cleaning and organizing projects around my house. This year, however, is not 'normal'. At least not in that sense anyway. First of all, this isn't our home anymore; we're still sleeping here, but so many of our things are packed it's definitely not feeling like 'home'. And, with so many things packed, it's difficult to pull things out - such as craft supplies. Besides...that would just be one more thing we'd have to pack!

Tomorrow we have an appointment to look at a new house. It sounds promising and we're hoping that we like what we see! In the meantime, here are some things you can do when you don't know what to do:

1. Mend clothes.
2. Do laundry.
3. Iron clothes (though this does seem a bit chancy since they'll probably get wrinkled when we move anyway...)
4. Buy a new 19-month planner and enter important dates, deadlines, chores, etc.
5. Download songs to your iPod.
6. Work on writing menu planning cards that include necessary ingredients to have on hand for the menu.
7. Read a year's worth of Sunset magazines (courtesy of the library).
8. Copy the 'Day Trips' pages of the Sunset magazines before returning them to the library.
9. Knit.
10.Pack more boxes (which I'm hesitant to do until we know for sure when we will be moving).
11.Look for cheap summer entertainment.
12.Read: magazines, newspapers, soup can labels, bath product labels, cleaning product labels, get the idea. (all of our books are already packed.)
13.Clean things that we'll be moving with us (such as the toaster oven, microwave, etc.).
14.Wash and clean out the car.
15.Dream about the time when you're settled back into your routine...and hope that the time will come soon!
17.Read other blogs.
18.Talk to family on the phone.
19.Go through paperwork drawers and purge.
20.Continue to look for a new house (hopefully this will be crossed off the list tomorrow!!)

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Jackie said...

Randa, with things up in the air for you it is a wonder that you can even blog. Girl I am keeping my fingers, toes, hair, eyes and anyting else that can be crossed that you find your perfect nest soon.

God bless.