Friday, July 10, 2009

Yep, This is Our Life...

You see, it looks very pretty. Nice and calm. Lots of sparkly lights.
But suddenly, someone starts it up and it starts to look like this ... Still pretty. Still lots of sparkly lights. But, uh, a bit out of control, right?

Last week on Kevin's first day of vacation, we had a knock at the door. It was a realtor - someone we've never met - and she kindly informed us that our landlord, did indeed go into foreclosure and the bank now owns the house in which we live. Um - huh? Didn't our landlord just tell us at the beginning of May that he'd renegotiated the terms of the loan and he still owned it? That we no longer had anything to worry about? I'm sure those were his words. In fact, he uttered those same words just the week before last when I asked him how everything was going with the house. Even still, Kevin called him the night the realtor came to the door and he still swore up and down that 'everything is just fine'. Wow. I think he's living in a parallel universe because all is NOT fine in this neck of the woods.

Truth be told, I kind of had it in the back of my mind that this may happen. Afterall, he hasn't been honest with us about much else, why would this be any different?

Oh well, no matter. What's done is done and now we're off looking for a new home to rent. We're both still convinced that we're not ready to buy anything yet, so it's off to look for a nice home to rent. We've looked at several things and thought we'd found the perfect house. However, apparently the landlord chose another couple instead. But we're strong. We have faith that that 'perfect' home is waiting for us just around the next corner. Besides, the reality of it is, as long as we're together, wherever we are is home. Wish us luck!


Jackie said...

Randa, hope you find the perfect house soon. I know there is one out there for you.

God Bless.

DW said...

Good luck on the house hunt! Your landlord .. sheesh!