Monday, January 25, 2010

It's (Been) Raining, It's (Been) Pouring
We had SO much rain last week - it was just incredible! We had more rain here last week in southern California than we've had in some entire years in California. Truly. Unbelievable. We had over 10 inches in Los Angeles, and more than that in Monrovia - though I don't have our town's published figure.

It was a strange sight indeed. Last week Kevin and I were sitting on the couch and we heard a strange noise. We looked out the front window and didn't see anything ... at first. A minute or so later, we saw trash cans being pushed down the street by a river of rainwater! It was kind of funny, actually ... until much later in the day when we saw our poor neighbors up on Canyon hoofing them back up the street before the next round of rain started.

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