Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Spoonful of Sugar

What a wonderful Christmas surprise: Kevin gave me tickets to see Mary Poppins at the Ahmanson Theater, and mom and dad gave us a night at the Biltmore Hotel!! On Sunday, December 27th, Kevin and I packed up our bags and headed to L.A. for a night of historic hotels, dinner at a fabulous restaurant and an evening performance of the ultimate nanny, Mary Poppins. What a great time we had!

If you've never been to the Biltmore and you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it. Built in 1923, the hotel is absolutely gorgeous and steeped in a rich history of intrigue (legend says that the Oscar statue was sketched here on a Biltmore napkin in 1927), mystery (in 1947, the Black Dahlia was last seen alive in the lobby of the hotel before her unexplained death), celebrities (the Biltmore hosted the Academy Awards Cermonies from 1935 thru 1939), and politicos (President Reagan was honored at a luncheon at the Biltmore in 1981 before he left for the White House).

Yearround, the hotel is gorgeous; however, it's especially beautiful at Christmas when it's decked out in all it's finery...
The guest rooms are very charming. Many original details such as oval brass doorknobs, tray ceilings, crown moulding......and a cozy seating area with comfy chairs...
Before the show, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Daily Grill. Filet mignon - what a special treat! We had a delightful waiting who was very accomodating and took a photo for us:
After dinner, we took a taxi over to the Ahmanson. We arrived just in time to hear the bells chime to signal the performance would be starting soon. What a show! The woman (Ashley Brown) who played Mary has an amazing voice; clear as a bell and very angelic. The man who played Bert (Gavin Lee) is a phenomenal dancer; very precise. Because of the nature of the show, there were many children in the audience. Most of them were clearly mesmerized by the show - the lights, the colors, the movements - quite a visual to be sure! Kevin and I had almost as much fun watching the kids and their reactions as we did watching the show on stage.

A perfect gift. Thanks, Kevin, for such a thoughtful gift. And thank you, mom and dad, for making our night out even more special with dinner and a stay downtown.

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