Saturday, August 07, 2010

Old Town Temecula

If you're meandering through southern California and you want a fun little side trip, find your way to Old Town Temecula. You won't be disappointed!

Kevin and I took a day trip two weeks ago (has it been that long ago ... already???) to this quaint, charming little town. As you may have heard on the news, though other parts of the country are suffering through one of the hottest, muggiest summers in years, we here in soCal are enjoying a phenomenally mild summer. Thank goodness!! During a 'normal' summer, Temecula would be unbearably hot. This year, however, we were lucky in that, the day we went was very mild. Warm, but not blazing hot. And there was a wonderful breeze so that, when you were in a nice shady spot and you caught the breeze, it was absolutely delightful!!

Before going to the Old Town area, we stopped at a local artisan cheesemaker. They make gouda. And yes, it's VERY good-a! Delicious! They have samples of all of their varieties in their small reception area. You're welcome to help yourself. Kevin and I bought our faves: smoked gouda, garlic gouda and medium aged gouda. They're all delicious. I see a little wine and cheese evening in our very near future!

Next we headed to Old Town. It's so charming! There are lots of wonderful antique stores that Kevin and I enjoyed browsing through. We didn't buy much - a few things, but those cannot be discussed since they will be gifts ;o) It was fun sifting through all of the goodies. Kevin found many collectibles - such as Beatles and baseball memorabilia - that he would have LOVED to add to his collection, and I found this and that would have been fun to buy. "Ahhhh, if only we were rich!", we lamented ... and then just left the goodies sitting on their shelves ... until next time.

One shop where I could DEFINITELY go crazy is this one: Oh.My.Ga. A girl could just go crazy in here!
After much thought, I decided to be realllllly good and I only bought one small quilting kit. But, oh my, is this place a temptation palace! I vowed to go back soon, though. And, in fact I will! On October 2nd, they will be having a quilt show in Old Town Temecula! If you're in the area, stop by. I'll see you there!


DW said...

Oh, wow! I love that quilt shop! How far is the town from LA?

Hi! I'm Randa said...

Oh goodness! It is DEFINITELY an amazing place. I just kept wandering around and around. One section had more beautiful things than the last!

They also have an awesome sale section - fat quarter bundles, bolt fabric, patterns, notions - I'm going to spend a great deal of time there on my next go round.

It's really not that far. Or rather, not far enough to keep me away =) It's about an hour and 20 minutes from our home. Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me!

DW said...

Well the next time we get out around LA, I'll have to put it on the list of places to see!