Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Temecula Quilt Show

This past Saturday, Deb and I headed out for a girls day event: a really cool quilt show in Temecula!

Every year the town has a 'quilt walk'. Merchhants throughout the town display handmade quilts - inside their stores, from rafters, bannisters, balconies - you name it! Everywhere you look there are gorgeous hand crafted quilts. Amazing!

We had a fun time walking around - eventhough it was pretty warm out there. Our last stop of the day, of course, was Quilters Coop. I had promised Deb that I would introduce her to the most amazing quilting shop. And I made good on that promise! We walked in the door and Deb said "WOW!". My sentiments exactly. Here are a few photos (though neither of us took them) of the quilts on display:

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