Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Not me!! Well, at least not any more =)

About two weeks ago, Kevin and I went to Stonefire Grill for dinner. We love this place! Everything there is delish. It's sort of along the lines of a Wood Ranch, but it's less pricey. Annnnyway ... while we were there, I noticed that they had a fishbowl in which to drop your business card. I never, ever do this. Not for any bad reasons, but just because I never remember to do it. Well ... I'm so glad I remembered this time!

Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call at work. It was Stone Fire Grill! They'd pulled my card and I was this week's winner! I had no idea what I was even playing for - I figured maybe a free meal or something. Indeed, it was a free meal. Or, more precisely, TEN free meals. Here's the skinny: I won lunch for myself and 9 of my co-workers. All I had to do was pick a day (we decided on October 15th) and a time (11:30 a.m.) and they will be catering the following meal:

BBQ Sliced Chicken Breast
BBQ Sliced Tri-tip
Nutty Coleslaw
Greek Salad

How cool is that?! I was thrilled! ...and my co-workers were pretty darn happy about it, too! Photos to follow after the feast.

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