Sunday, March 20, 2011

P&D Turn 14

Really? 14? How did that happen so fast? I can hardly believe these are the same two boys who made their debut two months early ... and here they are, one is as tall as me and the other is not far behind. Where does the time go?

Last Sunday we celebrated their birthday. The celebration was at mom and dad's house and we had a feast fit for two kings! ...or at the very least, two 14 year olds. Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, homemade potato salad, baked beans, lots of fresh fruit, and cupcakes for dessert. Mmmmmmm ... cupcakes!Lucky boys got all kinds of loot. Drew wanted a Huskies hoodie and a Knicks jersey:
Pat wanted a Celtics jersey (on order, but has not arrived yet), and a pair of Air Jordan shorts:
All of those goodies were from Grandma and Papa. Uncle Kevin and I got them umpire pants (how fitting is that?!), and gift cards to Lids and Game Stop:
WHEW! I'd say these two raked it in!

On Monday, their 'actual' birthday, Deb and Bill took their boys to Famous Dave's BBQ - Pat & Drew's favorite restaurant - to chow down on even more BBQ. Plus, they got new shoes, new cell phones and Pat got earphones, while drew got a new radio.

Hmmm ... kinda makes you want to turn 14 again, eh?

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