Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Growing Season

The urban garden has been hard at work since we planted it a few months ago.

The cherry tomatoes are ripening nicely! The larger tomatoes are well-formed, but have not yet started ripening. There are many, many peppers growing now - all still green at the moment, but soon they'll be ripening to both red and yellow. Surprisingly, we've had several cucumbers as well! I tried growing cukes once a long time ago without success, so I was somewhat hesitant to plant them. I'm glad I gave it another try! The two cucumber plants that we planted have just gone crazy! As for herbs, the lemon thyme is just massive - you'd never know it's all coming from just one plant! The basil is holding it's own and the mint, as usual, has just exploded.

Early on the lettuce faired nicely, but once the cukes started taking over, the lettuce took a back seat. We would like to make another raised bed and I think one half will be dedicated to just leaf lettuce. Different varieties, but just lettuce - that way it won't have to compete. The other half of the bed will be broccoli and cauliflower. We'll begin searching for the supplies within the next couple of weeks, but probably won't get planting until late August or early September.

Here are a few pics of the garden the other night:

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