Friday, July 15, 2011

Wanna keep two adolescent boys busy for years?

Buy them baseball cards. Ten thousand of them.About 4 years ago, Kevin and I bought the boys baseball cards for Christmas. Not just a few specific cards, or even a few packs of cards. We bought them boxes and boxes and boxes of cards. I bought them from someone who posts on a forum I visit; she said that they were clearing things out and her husband had 10,000 assorted baseball cards he wanted to get rid of. I asked her how much she was selling them for and she said she had no clue what they were worth. I told her that, to 10 year old boys, they'd be priceless! We agreed on a price - $90.00 for the lot - including shipping - and I bought them.

Kevin and I could hardly wait to see the boys faces when they opened their Christmas gift that year! Talk about priceless!

Anyway ...

Flash forward to the present. Yesterday Deb and the boys went to mom and dad's for the day. When I talked to Pat and Drew and asked them what they were going to do, they said they'd brought baseball cards with them to sort. I asked if they were *still* sorting the cards we'd given them that Christmas. 'YEP!' And they've found some pretty good ones, too! Derek Jeter's rookie card. A Rod's rookie card. Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez - BEFORE they started 'juicing'.

Not bad for $90.00 bucks!

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DW said...

My gosh, you got a steal! Maybe the boys can finance their college with some of those cards ;)