Saturday, May 31, 2008

'Just a Clock'

My friend Michael has an amazing talent for woodworking. The projects he turns out - be it a redwood deck, an obelisk, or a clock - or anything else in between, are always top quality and beautiful. He just completed a mission style clock as a going away gift for another friend of ours. The craftsmanship is truly amazing. He asked me if I thought she'd like it. The conversation went something like this:

Michael: 'Do you think she'll like it?'
Me: 'Are you kidding me? She'll LOVE it!'
Michael: 'But it's just a clock.'
Me: 'It's not 'just' a clock. In fact, it's a beautiful clock - which is nice in itself. But, the real worth of the gift is the fact that you took your time, used your talent and made the clock with love.'
Michael: (blush) 'Thank you for that.'

The fact is, it's a beautiful, well-made piece of art. He used fine wood and stained it by hand, molded the copper himself , and grooved areas to inlay the Italian glass tiles. Our friend Erika hand painted the numerals on the face.

You tell me: is it 'just a clock'?

(there is a panel that fits in a groove on the back of the clock; it's been removed to show the workmanship inside the clock)

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