Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hollywood and Hot Dogs

Just on the verge of summer and that means the Hollywood Bowl season will be starting up again soon. Yay! Looking through the schedule it was difficult to decide on just four concerts to attend, but we finally narrowed it down. Some friends of ours will also be joining us for several of the concerts (hi Bev & Ken!). Last weekend the ticket window opened and we attempted to buy our concert tickets online. Big mistake! By the time the 'convenience fee' and the other handling fees were tacked on to the tickets, the cost of each concert was almost double. We decided not to buy the tickets online.

Instead, we decided to trek down to the Hollywood Bowl ticket office and purchase them directly. What a difference! What should have been $48.00 for four tickets, actually ended up BEING $48.00 for four tickets; not the $72.00 we would have been charged if we'd purchased them online. It's true: you pay a high premium for convenience. Yes, it would have been more convenient to purchase the tickets online, but the jaunt to the Hollywood Bowl didn't take that long - and we made it in to a fun adventure! We decided that, since we were in the neighborhood, we'd also stop at Pink's for hot dogs. YUM!! Let me just say this about that...there are no better chili dogs or kraut dogs in the world. Period.

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