Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birds, Birds Nests and Baby Birds

For several weeks now, Kevin and I have watched a bird fly to an fro in the shrub just outside our kitchen window. We've watched and smiled at the comings and goings, figuring that she had a nest somewhere in that bush. On Sunday we sneaked a peek, and sure enough...not only did she have a nest there, but a baby bird who was just about ready to fly out on it's own! The mama bird was so funny - she didn't stray too far away. We'd find her perched on the roof of the house, or on a wire just above. By Sunday afternoon, she was really watching us like a hawk and was not terribly thrilled with Slippers. Anytime Slippers came outdoors, the bird started to dive-bomb her to make sure that she was staying far away from the shrub. Yesterday it had gotten really bad - the second I would open the sliding glass door, that bird would appear from out of nowhere. She literally chased Slippers back inside the house!

Well today things are much calmer. No insistent chirping, no mama bird sitting at the ready so I thought I'd sneak another peek: no more baby bird! Either late yesterday or early this morning, the baby bird flew away from mother's nest. Mama bird is still in the area - I found her sitting on a wire out in back of the house. I guess baby must still be somewhere around here and mama is keeping an eye out.

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