Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Stroke of Genius!

Okay, maybe not genius exactly, but certainly a great idea! As I was doing my grocery shopping this afternoon, I decided to check out the day-old bakery section. As I searched through the goodies on the rack, I spied several loaves of garlic bread. You know the type - the fresh, soft bakery French bread loaf in the foil bag that is spread with garlic spread and is all ready to pop on the grill or under the broiler - for just 75 cents a loaf!! It suddenly occurred to me that I should buy all three of the loaves and add them to our 'Don't Panic...' dinners in the freezer!

Often Kevin and I have pasta or soup and salad for dinner, which we enjoy with soft, warm garlic-cheese bread. However, because those are often last minute dinners, it's difficult to have those dishes coincide with having fresh garlic bread on hand. With that in mind, I usually have a loaf or two of garlic bread in the freezer-- sometimes Pepperidge Farm, sometimes the store brand. However, those loaves typically run about $3.75 (or more) and, though good, are smaller than the loaves I found in the day-old hot bakery area.

So ... I did it. I brought home 3 loaves of yummy garlic bread, added a bit of parmesan cheese on top, cut the loaves into portion sizes then wrapped them first in plastic wrap and then in freezer bags to stash in the freezer. Mmmmm. I can hardly wait for the next pasta or soup and salad night!

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DW said...

Good going! (and good thinking)I'm finding there are more markdowns to be had at the stores now, too.