Monday, April 06, 2009

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Our little town, like many across this country at the moment, is experiencing some sad lows and some interesting highs.

On the low note ... There is - or rather, there was - a wonderful little mom'n'pop jewelry store in town that's been around since 1922. Though just a small shop, it did a pretty good business all these years. I can't say that I've ever really purchased anything there personally, however, Kevin did buy me a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings there last year for Christmas. We've also taken some things there for repairs when needed. Well, that cute little mom'n'pop store that made it through the depression and several recessions over the years, closed it's door for the last time this past Saturday. Kevin and I talked about going in one last time before they closed, but we decided that it was just too sad and we'd rather have the nice memories of when it was a bustling business. RIP Boxx Jewelers. You will be missed. (Interesting side note: there is a town clock that sits outside the store that says: BOX JEWELERS. However, it's actually BOXX Jewelers.)

On the high note ...
After many attempts to raise funds to build a new town library, two years ago our small town passed a bond measure which enabled us to build a brand new - sorely needed! - library. It's been a long wait, but this past Saturday, our town held the dedication ceremony for the new library. What a huge change!!! The old library was ... well, old. It was quite small and the selection was somewhat lackluster - especially in the media department. Very few books on CD (or even tape!) and a barely noticeable selection of DVDs. When the library actually opens to the public on May 16th, it will be more than double it's original size with increased collections in all departments. Not to mention a large reading room and an expanded technology area with many more computers to serve the town. It's so exciting! I can hardly wait for our first 'Friends of the Library' book sale! Here's a glimpse of the old library: And here's a glimpse of the new:
Now I'd say that's worth waiting for -- wouldn't you?!


DW said...

That's an impressive library! Did they keep the statue of the fellow on the bench?

Randa said...

Yes, the fellow on the bench - aka, Mark Twain - is definitely a keeper!