Friday, June 19, 2009

Bountiful Harvest

YAHOO!! While I'm not quite finished with work yet, we are only working four days per week so today is my first Friday off ... so it's kinda like vacation. What am I doing? Making the most of it!

In addition to working on a few items on my room-by-room cleaning and sprucing list, I've also been working on preparing some goodies for the freezer.

On Wednesday, a new store opened in our little town. It's called Henry's and it's sort of a cross between a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods. What a madhouse! Judging by the crowd there last night, I'd say Henry's is going to do well here! Anyway, they had some absolutely wonderful deals on fruit, so I decided to stock up. Kevin and I drink a lot of smoothies during the summer and early fall, so we will definitely use up all of our stash. I supplemented the whole shebang with a few other things I found at the grocery store this morning - also phenomenal deals ... at least for our area.

On with the list. Here's what I'm processing for the freezer: 4 pounds of strawberries (.77 each), 4 containers of raspberries ($1.49 each), 4 containers of blackberries ($1.49 each), and 4 containers of blueberries ($1.49 each). Two whole pineapples ($2.99 each). And six ripe mangoes (.50 each). Oh yes, and about 8 pounds of bananas! (4 pounds for $1.00).
That's a whole lot of summer smoothies! Bon Appetit!

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