Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Iguana Soup Anyone??

It's been quite a while since Iguana Soup had a gig. After quite a long dry spell, the guys finally had a chance to get together and PLAY!

A couple of weeks ago Ken and his family threw a party for Bev's birthday at Ed and Lisa's house (side note of interest: it was exactly 10 years ago at this same place, for the same occasion that Kevin and I met for the very first time!) and Bev requested the music of Iguana Soup. Lucky for her we happen to have an in with this band ;o)

What fun! They jammed. We danced. We all sang. Great times. Here are a few pictures...
Me and the Birthday Girl
Let them eat Ho-Ho cake (why yes, those are medallions of Ho-Ho ... why do you ask?)
This is our friend Ian. He's a shy wallflower - can you tell?

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