Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings...

because he wanted OUT of this MESS!
About a week or so ago, mom stopped at our favorite thrift store. When she returned home, she emailed me to say that she'd found a cute little birdcage there that she thought I might be interested in, so I should stop there on my way home. Which is exactly what I did!

She's right - the birdcage itself was cute, it was all of the 'fouf' on and in it that made it less than appealing. But hey, it was only $10.00, and I can see past the fouf to the good stuff, so I bought it. I worked on it a bit yesterday and turned it into quite something different than it had been in it's former life. I liked the green that it had been, but not enough to keep it that color. So I dabbed on a color called 'light buttermilk', but allowed a bit of the green to still peak through. I like the results - it's looks kind of ... 'antique-y'. I also 'de-foufified' it and added just a bit of Spanish moss in the bottom, two votive holders with sweet little birdies on them, a cute little ceramic bird, and an adorable vintage pottery vase ... filled with fresh iceberg roses. Now that's the kind of 'fouf' I like!
(PS: isn't that the cutest little metal tray? I found it at a Rotary yard sale a couple of months or so ago. It was quite the bargain at only $2.00!)

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