Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Vive la France!

Something that I've always dreamed of owning is copper cookware. I just absolutely love the warmth and patina that are innate to this lovliest of utilitarian objects.

Our new kitchen is beautiful! It was remodeled just about 3 years ago and there are some really wonderful features that I just love about it (great cupboards, and a beautiful new hood over the stove to name a few). The color scheme is very different from what we have now, so I've been thinking about how to incorporate 'our' colors with what's in there now. The cupboards and walls are white, so that's not an issue, but the countertop tile is a dark green. It's really pretty, but it's not a color I'm used to; I tend towards warmer tones - think gold, copper, and warm brick red.

One of the gifts we were going to give mom this past Christmas was a kitchen tray by one of her favorite artists, Carl Larsson.
As you can see, it incorporates all of those colors really well. (I think it's kind of ironic that I would be drawn to that particular Larsson print for mom; coincidence? sixth sense?)

Taking my inspiration from the colors in the tray, I've been dreaming up all sorts of ways to incorporate the old with the new. With that in mind, I thought this would be the absolute perfect opportunity to begin collecting my coveted copper cookware! Yes, it's outrageously expensive, but I was able to rationalize it by pointing out several things: 1) it will last a lifetime, and 2) it will be the perfect glue that brings everything together. 'Besides,' I told myself, 'if you only buy one piece at a time, it won't be all that expensive.'

Last week I began my study in copper cookware. I read about it, lusted over various piece of various brands. I'd finally decided on Mauviel - the standard of French chefs. And, to make it even easier, they carry this particular brand at Williams Sonoma. Easy peasy!

On Sunday we picked up dad for an outting. He wanted to go to the mall and people watch (always a fun activity in my book!). As we passed the Williams Sonoma store, I spied that delicious copper cookware in the window! Don't you just know that we had to make a detour and check it out.

Whoooooooaaaaa Nellie! While the price did make my eyes pop, I wasn't surprised by that. What caught me off guard was the weight of those puppies! Holy moly. I could barely lift some of those pans - and that was without food in them! Needless to say I've all but given up on that idea. Who knows - maybe I'll hang a piece or two just for decoration. I guess that's sort of the best of both worlds, right?

...just like combining the old and new in our kitchen ;o)

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