Friday, February 24, 2012

We're Being Followed

Every morning the three of us - Kevin, Slippers and I - go out for a very early morning walk. It's not far, but enough to satisfy a very anxious doggy and make sure her mom and dad are up and awake.

I've always loved this special time that we share. It's a nice hour - the neighborhood is still sleeping and it's very peaceful. Plus the cool air really ensures that I'm awake and ready to fact the day. There are days, though, where either Kevin or I just don't feel like powering through - but Slippers always does, so one stays home to get breakfast ready and make the bed, while the other partakes in the walking ritual.

This morning Kevin took the morning off, and I headed out the door with our girl. We hadn't gotten too far - just a few houses up the block - when I noticed that we were being followed. Though the perpetrator was stealth, I could still feel the presence. Slippers, oblivious to the incident, continued on her merry way, but I kept an eye and ear out to see if I would be able to 'catch' our suspect in the act. Sure enough, a moment or so later, there was no mistake: we were definitely being followed.

The perp? One cute, but very sneaky little tabby cat named Daisy. Yep, that's right, our Daisy; our little "inherrited-I-come-with-the-house-and-I'm-so-cute-you'll-just-fall-in-love-with-me-if-only-you-let-yourself" Daisy. She is so funny! Kevin says she's the most dog-like cat he's ever seen. I figured she'd follow us for a minute or two and then take off, but no, she stayed with us and walked the whole way. She and Slippers are buddies, so they just had a grand time.

It was both adorable and a precious way to start a Friday morning. It was the first, but hopefully not the last time, that Miss Daisy joins us on our morning adventure.

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