Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dodgers Win!

Last night was our final Dodger game of the season. What a way to go out! The Dodgers beat the (archenemy) Giants 10-7; Manny hit two home runs! Go blue!! Before the game, they celebrated Tommy Lasorda's 81st birthday and everyone sang to him -- how could they not win?

To make it even more of an adventure, Kevin and I decided to take the free Dodger Trolley from Union Station to the stadium. What fun! We took the Gold Line from Pasadena to Union Station. From Union Station, you pick up the FREE trolley and it takes you right to the stadium. It drops you off in back of the Centerfield Pavilion so, if you're in the 'cheap seats' (which we are!), it's a bit of a hoof up all of the steps, but still... Taking the train & shuttle to/from the stadium is definitely the way to go. An added bonus: round trip rail passage (total for both of us) = $5.00; parking at the stadium = $15.00; piece of mind not having to maneuver out of the stadium parking lot after a sold out Dodgers v Giants game = priceless!

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