Monday, September 22, 2008

The end of an era...

Last night was the final game at Yankee Stadium; it is truly the end of an era. For the life of me, I can't figure out why the decision was made to tear down this historical landmark and build another stadium. Last summer, Kevin and I had both the pleasure and honor of attending a game at Yankee Stadium. We knew that this year would be the last and we had to see 'the house that Ruth built' before it was demolished. We're so thankful we went.

It strikes me that there is a lack of the sense of historical value for places and things. Not just Yankee Stadium, certainly, but many other things as well. For instance the great city of L.A. thought it perfectly acceptable to demolish the old Ambassador Hotel. You may remember's the site where Robert Kennedy was shot.

I realize that time marches on and things change, are we to impress upon future generations that there is historical value in places and things if we tear them all down? How are we to give them a sense of permanence if none exists? Did they melt down the Liberty Bell simply because it was cracked? Did they sink the Statue of Liberty when she needed repair? Of course not! Imagine if we based our keep/don't keep decisions solely on being in need of repair - nothing would be exempt! ...and nothing would be left.

Anyway -- all of this to say that there is a palpable sense of sadness and loss this morning.
...and I wish Derek Jeter had hit that final home run!

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