Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jazz at the Depot

Friday night we went to the Depot Jazz Series. This is the third or fourth year we've been going to the concerts. It's a wonderful way to start a weekend: fun venue - the Claremont train station (very cool!), great music - this weekend it was Swing4Sale, and a relaxed ambience - on-lookers of all ages picnicking on the lawn - all of the ingredients needed to kick-off a fun weekend!

Kevin, my mother-in-law, Vicky, and I all had a great time. The series runs for about a month. We don't usually make it to all of the concerts, but most of them. For the first concert, the weather is still generally pretty warm. In other words, we take jackets and blankets, but typically don't end up needing them. By the last concert of the series, we're fairly well bundled up! It's a fun way for me to signal 'fall is definitely here!'.

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