Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Good ol' Days

Do you remember the fun and excitement of Back to School clothes shopping? Remember poring over fashion magazines to see what 'they' said would be the hot, have-to-have item for the fall? What kind of jeans? New fall make-up colors. Boots? Absolutely! Love's Baby Soft perfume? But of course! Ahhhhh, those were the days, right?

Friday Deb and I went school clothes shopping! Hey, we both work at schools so it does too count! We found all sorts of goodies that, of course, we just couldn't live without. The great thing is that there were TONS of BARGAINS out there waiting for us. We both did really well. We'd saved 'fun money' just for this purpose and we were both very frugal with our purchases. In addition to items being on sale, we also had % off coupons, so we really did come home with a lot for our money.

Woohoo! First day of school? Bring it on! I'm ready! ... now, I just have to decide which outfit to wear first!

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