Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pageant of the Masters

I have one question: what took us so long to discover this??

Thursday night Kevin and I had tickets to Pageant of the Masters. It was absolutely amazing!!

What is PotM? Quite simply, it's living art. They depict a famous painting -or piece of sculpture - by replacing the painted subjects (people) with live subjects. I know, it sounds like of crazy. For all of you Gilmore Girls fans out there, remember the episode where Lorelai flinched? Pageant of the Masters is the same thing - The Festival of Living Art. In addition to the art that's on stage, there's a very humorous (think: Mark Twain) narrator and a wonderful live orchestra that plays music appropriate to whatever piece is on stage.

The Pageant is held in the small artsy enclave of Laguna Beach. They've hosted this summer staple since 1932. In addition to the Pageant, there's a wonderful Arts Festival that showcases not just local artists, but many artists throughout southern California - and beyond. There are countless volunteers who make this yearly event spectacular. From make-up artists, to costumers, to the people posing in the pictures, every single person volunteers to participate. They begin rehearsals in February and the show begins in July. Now THAT is dedication! It's truly a spectacular event and, if you find yourself anywhere around Laguna Beach from early July through the end of August, I would encourage you to treat yourself to one night at the Pageant.

Because cameras are not allowed inside the amphitheater, I wasn't able to take any photos to share with you. However, in searching the 'net, I did find a few to post so that you can get an idea. (Is there anything that can't be found on the internet?) See what I mean? AMAZING!

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Unknown said...

Hello Randa would you please call me I have a question regarding a picture you posted and perhaps took of the Pageant of the Masters. I am an art director for the Pageant and we may wish to use your photo if possible? 949-292-8388