Saturday, August 07, 2010


Nopa. Where are you? Right here ... ... in our very own little front yard!! The other night a neighbor was walking by with her dog when I went out to change the water. "Did you know you have GRAPES?!" she asked. "Really?", I said. NO, I didn't know we had grapes!! I knew that little corner had lots and lots of grape leaves, but I've never seen grapes on the vines. Well, at least I didn't see them last year. This is only our second August in this house, so who knows if they've given fruit before. This year, however, I can tell you, those vines are absolutely loaded! The grapes are small and they do have seeds, but there are bunches and bunches of them, and they are sweet and delicious! Hmmm ... I think they'll go well with our gouda cheese, crackers and wine. YUM!

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