Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wild About Harry

Last Saturday night was our final Hollywood Bowl show for this season. I hate to say that we saved the best for last, ... but I think we did!

The show was Harry Connick, Jr. and his big band. They were FANTASTIC!! We weren't quite sure what to expect since it was also billed with the LA Philharmonic. Normally what happens is that the LA Phil plays the first half of the concert - sometimes with the guest and sometimes without - and then whomever the evening's guest performer is plays the second half of the concert. Not so this night. Harry and his band were on stage from the moment the concert began through the verrrrrry last moment. And they finished when they did only because there is a curfew for the Bowl. They were absolutely phenomenal! For the first half of the concert, there were about 15-20 musicians from the Phil on stage with Harry and the rest of his band - that's it. We were pretty surprised by, but I must say it was the perfect mix of music.

The first half of the concert was more focused on ballads - traditional ballads with a Harry Connick, Jr. twist, while the second half of the show was more a rompin', stompin' Luziana goooood time. We had a blast!

Thanks, Harry, for making our final show of the season one to remember always.

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