Sunday, November 21, 2010

Houston's, Peter Pan and the Ayres

What do these things have in common? I'm glad you asked!

Today, is my wonderful-amazing-fabulously-awesome husband's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Kevin - I love you so much!) To celebrate this event, we went away for the weekend. It's funny - we talked about how even going away for just a short time can really relax and rejuvenate you so much that it really feels as if you've been away much longer. Such is the case with this weekend.

A month or so ago, Kevin read a review in the Times about Peter Pan 360,which had just begun an 8 week run at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. The article gave it great reviews and talked about the wonderful venue (a very small theater - in the the round!), and the amazing special effects. When Kevin read the article to me, I knew this was something we had to experience. Because Kevin and I enjoy giving each other 'experiences' as gifts, I thought this would be PERFECT to celebrate Kevin's birthday! And, since we were going to the show on a Saturday night, why not just go ahead and spend the night instead of feeling like we had to rush home.

Soooo ... that's exactly what we did! I found a hotel that, while small, looked very nice (online) and was near the OCPAC, so I booked it. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised! It was a very charming, 'European'-style boutique hotel. The decor was beautiful, our room was clean, cozy and nicely appointed, and our stay included a wonderful breakfast buffet this morning. Because it was raining, we ate inside the restaurant - which was nice, but it was too bad that it was so wet outside because we would have loved to have enjoyed breakfast on the patio. Isn't it cute?It really reminds me of the Mission Inn in Riverside where we had brunch earlier this year. The lobby was already decked out for Christmas, so - of course! - I had to take a few photos: There was also the most adorable little gift shop in the lobby. When we stepped inside, Kevin said 'This is definitely a Ranny place!' - and he wasn't kidding. Absolutely adorable! After we'd checked in to the hotel and freshened up a bit, we headed to Houston's for dinner.Ever been there? We hadn't either. Oh. Ma. Ga. It was delicious! Kevin had the Hawaiian rib eye and I had the most delectable pork chop I've ever eaten. Wow. If you have the chance, go - we highly recommend it!

After dinner, it was off to Neverland ... errr ... the Performing Arts Center. Not that we were cutting it close or anything, but I will say that we made it with just five minutes to spare. Why? It was Irma's fault. She's Kevin's GPS and she'd apparently decided to take the night off and leave us to fend for ourselves. Lucky for her, Kevin didn't throw her out the window. Not because he wasn't tempted, but because he didn't want to get a ticket for littering ... Anyway - the show lived up to it's great review - it was utterly amazing. Our seats where right in the front row - seats 1 and 2 (I had no idea when I bought them - it was really just dumb luck!), and we were treated to quite an eyeful. Stunning, right? Oh my goodness - it was quite the show. Amazing!

How lucky we are to be able to do things like this. Kevin, honey, I absolutely adore you. Happy birthday, my angel, and many, many more to come.

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