Thursday, December 30, 2010


We will be attending a wedding on New Year's Day and I've been debating what to wear. I have a couple of 'fancy' dresses (because it's New Year's Day, the bride really wants it to be a party atmosphere) that would work, but it's been so COLD here lately (and the forecast indicates that it will be cold on Saturday ... with a chance of rain! UGH!), that I feel those dresses wouldn't be the best option. I think I'd freeze to death!

I was still contemplating what to wear when Kevin and I took mom and dad shopping this morning. Mom and I were walking from one department to the next when, TA-DA!, this Little Black Dress just jumped out at me! (Okay, not literally, but ... you know what I mean.) Though it looked like a great dress, I hadn't planned on buying it; however, it was on sale, and ... I had coupons (you see where this is going, don't you?) ... so ... I bought it!

Honestly, it's the prefect dress! It's 'fancy' and yet simple at the same time. Take a look: Great dress, right?! I can think of numerous times I could (and will!) wear this dress, which makes it ... um ... maybe the teensiest bit practical. (Maybe?)

Oh, and the best thing? The one thing that makes it rational-worthy? It was just $25.00! (Originally $90.00.) Now that's lookin' pretty practical to me!

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