Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Break, Wrapping Gifts and Hot Cocoa

Ahhhh, winter break! Part of me absolutely cannot believe that it's ALREADY winter break; the other part of me says 'what took so long?!' At any rate, it *is* here and it's finally time to relax and cozy up at home for a while. YAY!

It's been raining here since Friday night. At first, it was just a light rain off and on. Since last night, however, it's been a very steady rain that hasn't stopped once. Oh wait, I take that back ... we did have about a 10 minute lull about an hour ago. Otherwise, rain, rain, rain! I don't mind it, though, because we got everything done yesterday that had to be done - laundry (our laundry room is in the unattached garage), shlepping of gifts and gift wrap supplies (also in the unattached laundry room/garage) and grocery shopping - which means that today, is just an inside day.

We've been relaxing, reading the paper, watching football, drinking hot cocoa and wrapping Christmas gifts. All of which, in my book, constitutes the perfect day. There is one glitch, however, that I wish we could remedy. Last night we put our kitty cat out, and we have not seen her since =( I'm hopping someone brought her inside and that she is warm, dry, and cozied up on a neighbors couch. Daaaaaaaisy ... where arrrrrrrrrre you? Please come home soon!

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