Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sing to me ...

in Italian!

Remember the scene in Jerry MaGuire when Jerry finally realizes that he's in love with Dorothy and he storms into her sisters house and begins a rant professing his love, and she just watches him until he's finished and in a small voice she utters the words "You had me at hello"?

Yeah, well if Tom Cruise were Andrea Bocelli and I were Renee Zelwegger, and he sang Con Te Partiro ... same thing. Listen to this ... can you blame me?
It's years later and I finally got to hear him sing it ... in person!

Because I have a wonderful husband who loves me very much ... and understands how I feel about this song - and this artist - without so much as an ounce of jealousy, he bought me tickets to see Andrea Bocelli for my birthday. Now I ask you, if that isn't love, what is?

Friday night we went to see him in concert at Staples Center. Ahhhhhh. While not a vineyard in Tuscany, if you closed your eyes, it was kinda the same affect =) What an amazing show! What an amazing voice. Let's face it, he could sing 'The Farmer in the Dell', and if he did so in Italian, I'd swoon. When the first familiar downbeat of Con Te Partiro began, the audience went crazy. Apparently I'm not the only fan =)

Thank you, honey, for this amazing gift. The music was incredible, but the best part was going on a date with YOU.

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