Friday, January 28, 2011 all I have to do is *use* them!

Last Sunday I took a trip through Michael's. I haven't been there in a while (I try and stay away as much as possible because it's like an addiction!) and I wanted to see what was on sale. After all, I *did* receive a $25.00 gift card from a friend for making some invitations for her, so it was like getting 'free' stuff ... right?

Anyway, I also had a coupon for 40% off any Martha Stewart craft item - and you know I couldn't pass that up. I came away with a goodie bag filled with things - AND I still have $8.00 left on the gift card. Score! More on the other goodies later, but I was really excited about the Martha Stewart item and just had to share.

So this is what I ended up buying with my 40% off coupon: Cute, right? I know! I ended up spending just $5.00 on the whole set. I looked at the plastic mounts you're supposed to use for these new kinds of stamps (remind me again, what was wrong with the good 'ol days of wooden stamps?) and I was pretty shocked. The mount alone was $12.99! Yikers. No thanks.

When I got home, I began thinking of things I could possibly use as a mount for the stamps. Then, it hit me: ask my friend Michael - who also happens to be our Industrial Technology teacher - if he has any wooden scraps he was going to throw away! I emailed him and he asked to see the stamps so that he would know what size scraps I needed - makes sense. I brought the stamps in today and by 10:00 a.m., he brought me a box FILLED with the perfect sized pieces of wood - just like the old wooden stamps! YAHOO!! He even brought me the sandpaper to smoothe the edges and 'make them pretty'. I'm going to work on putting them together this weekend and I'll post a picture of the finished product. I can't wait!

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