Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Road to California

...quilt show, that is!

This past Saturday while Kevin was working on umpire updates in Phoenix, Deb, her friend Andrea and I had a girls day! As it happened there was an outstanding quilt show last weekend at the Ontario Convention Center so the three of us headed out to see what we could find.

WOW. It was absolutely amazing! Lots and lots of vendors carrying everything you could possibly imagine, from fabrics and patterns to quilting machines to yarns and embroidery transfers and floss. You name it, if it was for stitching, it was there. So many beautiful things to see (and be tempted by!), but THE most amazing things, of course, were the finished quilts. One was more beautiful than the next. I cannot imagine how much time it must take these amazingly talented women to finish their quilts. There is so much incredibly fine detail in these treasures - they truly are a labor of love.

My favorite quilt at the show was called "Tea with Miss D." - a quilt by Sandra Leichner. It's absolutely phenomenal. I didn't take any photos at the quilt show, but I did contact Sandra and request permission to post some photos of her quilt, to which she generously agreed (thank you, Sandra!). So, without further ado, check this out for yourself: (the quilt - not including white border) (center of the quilt)(all the rest of the sweet details)

I have to say, this quilt was such a treat to see! I just fell in love with it; hope you enjoy it, too!

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