Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to Get Back Into the Swing of Things

"For pragmatic reasons, I love the routine. I love the structure of it. I love knowing that my days are free. I know where I'm going at night. I know my life is kind of orderly. I just like that better."
Andrea Martin
(Wow! Sorry for the delay - this post has been 4 days in the making! I started it on Monday, got waylaid, and haven't had a chance to get back to it until now. So much for 'routines', eh?!)

Two weeks into the new year and now it's time to get back into the swing of things. Time to get back into a comfortable routine. The holidays are over and we're back at work, so it's time to get crackin' again!

With that in mind, I've gotten back into my routine of making up my two-week menus, searching high and lo for coupons, and doing some stocking up at the grocery store(man, is everything crazy expensive, or what?!). I've been finding some great deals and I've updated the coupon savings tracker to the right. I'm amazed at how quickly the savings add up just by using coupons!

Kevin and I have gotten back into our morning getting-ready-for-work routine, evening-dinner-at-the-table routine, and our weekend must-have-the-trifecta-done-before-going-back-to-work-on-Monday routine. (What's the trifecta? I feel anxious going back to work on Monday morning unless we have: 1. Swiffered & mopped, 2. Grocery shopped, and 3. Finished all of the laundry. See, 1-2-3, your basic trifecta.) And it feels GREAT! I know that there are some who hate being in a 'rut', but I love the comfort of my routines.

Okay, I'm a bit OCD - I admit it. And what's wrong with that? ;o)

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