Friday, January 14, 2011

What's in *YOUR* Wallet?

(I posted this at the Frugal Living Forum, as well.)

Though I hate the credit card (Capital One), I do love their commercials!!

Anyway, I thought this might be kind of a fun topic. I think it’s interesting to know what different styles of wallets people carry and what they carry in them. I’ve never been one of those girls who carries a small wallet; for some reason, I like having the larger ‘organizing’-type wallets. I don’t feel like I carry an over abundance of stuff with me, but then again, maybe I do!

Anyway, here’s what my wallet looks like, and here’s what’s inside:
• A small, thin calculator (it came with the wallet)
• The check section has nothing as I don’t carry checks with me (we rarely use them)
• Loyalty cards for: Ralph’s, Vons, Albertsons, Smart & Final (do they still use them?), BevMo, Riteaid, CVS, Petco, PetSmart, and Ulta (cosmetics)
• A pen
• Driver’s License (and donor card)
• Auto Club card
• Costco card
• Starbuck’s and local coffee house gift card (totaling about $15.00 … a now and then splurge)
• Kaiser medical card
• Two credit union membership cards
• A credit union debit/ATM card
• An Arco debit card (we avoid the .45 per transaction fee for gas by using this card)
• Kohl’s, Sears, and JC Penney’s credit card – all with a zero balance
• $40.00 cash (a rarity! But I stopped at the CU at lunch for farmer’s market cash)
• .81 cents in coins
• A 15% off coupon for Kohl’s (that I probably won’t end up using – I don’t need anything)
• A Kohl’s merchandise credit in the amount of $6.34
• Nine ‘Forever’ postage stamps
• An emergency phone number list
• Two discount cards to a cake & candy decorating place that I haven’t been to since 2006 (just tossed them)
• A discount card to a beauty supply store I don’t even remember going to (just tossed it)
• A bread outlet discount card
• A list of ‘goodies’ I like to look for at yard sales, thrift shops, etc.
• A DressBarn smart rewards card
• Library cards for two different libraries
• A membership card to Huntington Library
• A Red Cross CPR/First Aid card
• A school (work) ID card
• A Hallmark Gold Crown card that I use *maybe* once a year
• My auto insurance card
• My lifetime membership to ‘Friends of the Library’
• A tip table
• My business card
• Business cards for several emergency (night & weekend) veterinarians

WHEW! Apparently I do carry around a LOT of stuff! LOL

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