Wednesday, January 05, 2011

When did this happen??

Apparently they're not as much 'a part of living' as one might think. Do you remember that old Lifesavers jingle? I do. And at that time, they really were a part of living. I think every mom - and many kids - carried a roll of Lifesavers with them. Some preferred the "Five Flavors" variety, while others, (like me and Deb ;o) preferred "Wild Cherry" or "Butter Rum". Still others preferred "Pep-o-Mint" or "Wint-o-Green".

Well let me just say, whatever your preference, you may be out of luck. At least I am. I've been to several Ralph's stores, one Pavilions store, one Target and one Walmart store and, guess what? No one has them at their checkout stands! Am I wrong, or didn't every store used to have them at their checkout stands? In fact, I can't even find a *roll* of Lifesavers. I can find a bag of individually wrapped Lifesavers - which is what I ended up buying, but they certainly are not as convenient to keep in your purse or car.

Where oh where have my Lifesavers gone? I would often buy them at an old newsstand in Pasadena called Bungalow News. They're closed now, too. Maybe they took all of the rolls of Lifesavers with them. Darn! Just one more thing to miss from the 'good old days'.

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Sheri said...

Had to throw in my 2 cents here. We had a similar conversation at work yesterday talking about snacks "back in the day." Remember when DQ dilly bars were huge? Now they squeeze the ice cream into little rings before freezing and coating. How about Fanny May Pixies? Aren't they about half the size as they once were? And my personal favorite, dreamsickles. Back when I was a little girl the entire thing was soft and smooth, more of a mixture of sherbert and vanilla icecream. Now they are a little bit of vanilla icecream with a thick, hard orange coating.

I won't even mention the fact that I would walk up the the store with a nickle and come home with a full sized candy bar! Oops! I just did!