Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dinner for Breakfast

Wait a minute - what time is it?

We often have breakfast for dinner, but not dinner for breakfast! Okay, well technically we didn't actually 'have' dinner for breakfast, but I did make dinner at breakfast time.

This summer has been very mild, in terms of temperature. We had many days that were below normal temperatures - which suit us just fine! But now that it's time for school to start, we're having a heat wave. Of course! And wouldn't you know it, it's just when I've started back with my menus - nearly all of which include at least the stove if not the oven. Yay.

To combat the heat/cooking dinner dilemma, this week I made dinner at breakfast time! That is to say that, in the evening, I would prepare the next day's dinner. Then in the morning when we got up to walk, I'd pre-heat the oven and by the time we got back, I'd put the meal in the oven and let it bake before we went to work. That way, we'd have a nice, home-cooked meal at dinner without having to heat up the house to cook! It worked out perfectly!

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