Friday, August 05, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

I mentioned earlier that I am already back to work. I started this past Monday, so I've already tackled my first week back. YAY! The first one is always the most difficult!

Actually, it's not bad at all. We sort of 'ease' our way back in - working only four days a week and taking Friday off. I wouldn't mind that as a regular schedule! But, working for a school, that's just never going to happen. Ah, well - our bank account will be happy to get back to receiving our twice-monthly paychecks! Kevin starts back this upcoming week - Wednesday - so he'll be getting back to the routine, too.

Going back to work at the end of the summer means that fall is just around the corner. YAHOO! I'm definitely a fall girl - it's my absolute favorite season. Soon we'll be making pots full of soups and stews and cuddling up with books, puzzles and movies indoors. A pumpkin festival here, maybe a hayride there (hard to find in this neck of the woods!), and of course, lots of fresh apple cider.

For now, though, I'm content to settle back into a comfy routine and bid the last of summer a fond farewell. It's been a great one!

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