Monday, February 15, 2010

All Ready for Next Year

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, the Maxwell women make peanut brittle. We've done it for years - it's a time honored tradition.

Different years we've had problems finding the type of peanuts we use (raw Spanish peanuts) and, if you could locate them, often times they were priced so outrageously, we didn't make as much peanut brittle as we may have if the ingredients hadn't been so expensive.

This past year, however, luck was with us: the peanuts were both plentiful, easy to find and quite reasonably priced.

Flash forward to today. Among our other errands for today's holiday day-off, Kevin and I went to the grocery store and, right at the front of the produce department (always my first stop ... what can I say? I'm a creature of habit!) was a display of assorted nuts. The very same raw Spanish peanuts we bought for peanut brittle at Thanksgiving - that we'd paid $3.99 per pound for - were on sale for just (drum roll, please ...) 99 cents per pound!

Now THAT's a deal!

Because they freeze so well, I went ahead and stocked up; we bought 10 pounds for a grand total of $9.99 versus $39.99 for the same amount when they were full price. YAHOO!

... I just love finding a great deal =)

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