Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When out from the kitchen there came such a clatter...

While sitting here at the computer, I heard what I thought was Daisy outside eating her dinner.

'Boy,' I thought to myself, 'she sure is a noisy eater tonight.'

The sounds continued and were so loud that I just had to go and see what the heck she was doing out there. Guess what? It wasn't Daisy... What I saw when I looked out the window were two full-sized raccoons. I banged on the window and they glanced at me over their shoulder as if to say 'Yeah, so what?'.

Kevin heard me and came running to find out what was going on. He saw them out there, opened the back door (protected by a heavy screen, of course!) and began yelling at them and banging on the screen. They finally sauntered away into the ivy. Kevin got a pan and one of his drum sticks and went outside to make a racket and scare them off for the night. He said he could see their eyes staring at him; he began making a lot of noise and they finally moved into the shadows a bit more. Little nuisances! You can still hear them chattering away up there.

They may be cute, but they are mean critters that I wouldn't want to have a showdown with. They're much cuter when kept at a nice, safe distance.

... not to mention far away from Daisy's food!


Jackie said...

Growing up in Toronto, our house backed onto a creek area...guess who came to visit. Raccoons!! We ended up having to lock the tops on our garbage cans. Those rascals could open them right up!

God bless.

DW said...

Oh, gosh .. no you don't want to deal with those critters.
I had a problem with them at a previous house ... kept getting into my garden. I looked out the back door one day to see my cat intently staring at something in the tree ... that something was a raccoon twice as big as he was. The cat was most unhappy when I grabbed him to go inside!