Friday, February 19, 2010

Roasted Banana Gelato

Oh.My.Goodness. If thou hast one, get thee to a Fresh & Easy -- NOW. Once there, meander over to the frozen section. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Yes, right there. That's right.

Now, cruise down the aisle looking at alllll of the delightful goodies. Why yes, that is a bag of 8 Il Fornaio rustic rolls for just $1.59 -- why do you ask? Grab a bag and keep going. Wait. Now slowwww down. Riiiiight THERE! Stop!! At this very moment, you should be standing in front of the Heaven on Earth section that contains ice creams, sorbets and gelatos. Mmmmmm ... gelato!! Do you see all of those wonderful choices? Tough decision, right? I hear ya. However, may I make a small suggestion? Pick up that container -- the one just to the left. YES, that's it! Now read the label ... see that? You read it right. ROASTED BANANA. That's right - roasted banana gelato. Do yourself a favor (okay, realistically it's more of a favor for your taste buds than it is your hips, but still ...) and put that little pint of Heaven in your basket. Good.

Now, go to the scanner and check out the rolls, the gelato - and any other goodies you may have found along the way. Pay the nice machine and scoot out the door. That's it ... good. Now, unless you have a spoon right there in the glove box, get thee home as fast as you can (if, however, you have said spoon, by all means, feel free to indulge right there in the car).

Are you home yet? Good. Now, head over to the utensil drawer and select your favorite ice cream spoon. You know - the one you use every night for that delicious, ice cold scoopy. Yes, that's the one. Leave the rest of the goodies in the Fresh & Easy bag (they'll understand - they've done this before) and tear the lid off that little pint of Roasted Banana gelato. (You hear it, don't you? It's calling your name...) There, that should do it. Now take your spoon and dance it across the top - that's right ... get a nice little spoonful. Good. Now ... open your mouth, insert the spoon and .... SAVOR THAT DELICIOUSNESS!!

Is that one of THE best things you've ever tasted in your life? YES?!

Mmmhmm ... we thought so, too!

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