Friday, April 09, 2010

Aqua, Silver and Seashells

Since bringing it home from the thrift store the other day, I've been wondering what to do with that beautiful little silver pedestal tray. I thought it would look great in our bathroom - which is white and that beautiful shade of 1950's jadeite green - but I couldn't quite figure out what to put in it.

Our bathroom is very small and we really have no counter space at all. We've got a small shelving unit on the wall, what little space is on top of the pedestal sink, and a tiled bench in the shower/tub area - that's it. As such, most of our essentials are stored in the lined cabinet which is conveniently housed in the hallway right outside the bathroom door.

So ... back to where to put that silver tray. And, better yet, what to put in it. In cleaning out my craft room yesterday, I came across the most beautiful white seashells. I remember buying them at the thrift store one day (all six for just one dollar!), and setting them aside thinking I'd find a project for them sooner or later. BING. Now I know what to put in that silver tray!!

All of the shells are a beautiful, creamy shade of white - which I love - but I thought it might be fun to add a bit of color that would coordinate with the bathroom. Hmmm ... this is the perfect small glitter project! I didn't cover all of the creamy white - just some of it. I think it came out perfect. What do you think?

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